Lincoln Middle School

Portland, Maine
700 students grades 6-8
44,000 sf Completed 1996

Built in the 1800ís as the original Deering High School, and having withstood two major additions, this outmoded, 100,000 s.f. labyrinth deserved comprehensive renovation. With floors between wings unaligned and all bathrooms on one level, this four-storey building couldnít begin to accommodate the needs of a present-day middle school.

Reorganizing the building to support team teaching and appropriate grouping of core programs, we inserted new support spaces for student services and technology. We superimposed a new, clarified circulation system throughout, from new entry pavilion to new service access. We inserted an entirely new library/media center in a formerly forlorn basement area.

Our work encompassed structural repairs and replacement of mechanical, electrical, communications and technology infrastructure. Now barrier-free, comfortable, and polished, one of Portlandís oldest buildings continues to host the teaching of students.

Photos: Sandy Agrafiotis



site plan