Mast Landing School

Freeport, Maine

325 students
grades 3-5
44,000 sf Completed 1991

In order to maintain and nurture the essence of a small school, and to accommodate  the three very distinct programs offered, this intermediate school is literally broken down into three  two-storey “camps” of six classrooms, each having its own entrance, courtyard, and skylit atrium. Corridors connect the camps to three major centers of school-wide activity: the media center at one end, the gym at the other, and the main office/ cafetorium complex mid-way between.

Much like smaller buildings within a village, in both appearance and function, each camp is expressed as a distinct, slightly different two-storey volume. There are several approaches to the school, with outdoor spaces both grand and intimate. Native red brick and brightly-painted windows and metal panels announce the spirit of this intermediate school. Inside, bold color and pattern, and warm maple veneer panels extend the youthful, welcoming ambiance.

Photos: Brian Vanden Brink



site plan